Are you ready to discover true joy  possibly for the first time?

Welcome to The Spiritual Feast — A place of abundant place of love, joy, and spiritual uplift … all because of Teal.

Teal  was my joyful, ebullient, free-spirited daughter who died at the age of 22 from a medically unexplainable cardiac arrest. Teal wanted nothing more than to be a healer, and so she is — from the afterlife.

Here is a fun, quirky feast of ideas, tools, healing and writing I created with Teal and her angelic cronies … so you can get back to the greatest gift of all …

You, as you were originally intended.

Are you ready to surrender to that extraordinary bliss? If so, click here.


Suzanne (and the Energy Formerly Known as Teal)


Suzanne's Latest Journal Entries